Covid News:
Skipper charter is allowed from 29th March 2021 with certain Government restrictions (NB: the skipper does not count towards the households below or rule of 6)
March 29 
Day Charters – up to 6 Individuals / 2 Households
April 12

Day Charters – up to 6 Individuals / 2 Households
Overnight – 1 Household
May 17 
Day Charters – up to 6 Individuals / 2 Households
Overnight – 2 Households (max 6)
June 21
No restrictions subject to Govt review.

Just so that you have a better understanding of how Yachtforce makes it decisions. I am afraid that we have to consider more than ‘Oh, I reckon that will be okay then!’

There is a short time delay until Yachtforce can see more clearly what would be allowed and at what time. We take advise before we act so that ‘our interpretation’ can be seen to have substance to it should we be challenged on a course of action at a later date

After any announcement we have to wait for various Watersports and marine bodies to give their interpretations before we make a decision on what activities Yachtforce can carry out. These advisory bodies go to DEFRA for clarification of allowed activities. We then interpret their findings and decide what Yachtforce can carry out within our company policies and also whether we will accept interpreting guidance in a certain manner.

For general sailing IE Skippered Charter / Bare-boat Charter etc we wish to see interpretation from the BMF and RYA.

For any RYA courses we look to any RYA guidance for specific RYA course activities.

The BMF (British Marine Federation)  / TYHA ( The Yacht Harbour Association) give guidance to the watersports trade and marinas as to what is / isn’t allowed to take place and these companies – some private and some council owned  – who then make their own decisions as to what is allowed within their own operating procedures and risk assessments.

The marina makes a decision of whether people can get to their boats.

We need to make sure that also the River / Port Authorities interpret Govt guidelines / laws to allow us to use the waterways for certain activities.

The questions we ask ourselves are… Can we get to our boats… down the River Hamble… moor at another port… stay on board overnight… take skippers off at night  and put them into B&B’s…are B&B’s open… do we have to come back to home marina base… is it legal.

Once all these bodies determine their interpretation we know whether we can operate – and to what extent or with what restrictions.

Please rest assured that we will make a decision and post notices on the website as soon as we know.